QBlock Wireless Digestion System
Multi Block Wireless Temperature Control for Digestions
QBlock Wireless Digestion system is the only system which can wirelessly control up to 8 QBlocks providing unparalleled temperature control, data computation and ease of operation through its touch screen based wireless controller.
Wireless Temperature Controller
  • Wireless control of up to 8 QBlocks
  • Compatible with existing digestion blocks
  • Removes electronics from corrosive environment
  • Large color touch screen
  • Remote control up to 50 meters
  • Overheat prevention safety feature
  • Stores numerous recipes and heating profiles
  • Built-in NIST traceable calibration
  • PC connectivity for digestion data archiving
  • Increases laboratory safety
  • Saves valuable fume hood laboratory space
  • Reduces unnecessary mess of high current cables
  • Choice of 110 V or 220 V configuration
Concurrent Display of Digestion Status for multiple QBlocks Real-time display of temperature profile and digestion recipe
    Multiblock Digestion System
    Multiblock Digestion System
QBlock Wireless Digestion System comprises of one Controller, up to eight QBlocks and the Electronics Interface box. This system provides unparalleled value and ease of operation in performing multi-step, variable temperature profile block digestions. The Wireless Controller searches for active QBlocks and can load recipe programs, initiate a new digestion batch and download the digestion data from the Electronic Interface. It is the same as having eight independent block digestion systems, all performing their own digestions. Each QBlock is connected to the Electronics Interface box with a power cable and temperature measuring sensor. The Electronics Interface box can maintain the commanded temperature profile and stores heating profile data independently even in absence of Controller.
Wireless Temperature Controller