Teflon Syringe (5 ml)

At the end of extensive experiment Questron is offering Teflon syringe. Teflon syringe offers contamination free dispensing of liquids in sensitive applications. All wetted surface are made out of Teflon and does not use any Orings. This syringe is ideal for dispensing HF acid accurately. It comes with steps for anchoring and these can be customized as per need basis. 

3 way Teflon valve

Separation of electronics from proximity of corrosive acids and reagents in case of this valve keeps it operational for extended periods. This valve is ideal to be used in application involving acid and corrosive reagent handling. This is a 3 way valve and actuates with air pressure of 50 PSI. All wetted parts are made out of Teflon.  IT has convenient barb fitting to accept 1/8 inch ID pressure air line.  Teflon (1/8 ID) Liquid lines can be connected through flagless type fittings.


All-Plastic Pistons

The only air operated piston made out of all plastic parts. Ideal to be used in corrosive environment, has capacity to lift 40 pound load with 60 psi air pressure. It comes with 4 inch travel distance. We welcome specific travel distance and anchors patterns

Plastic Pistons