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    Manufacturer of durable, long-lasting acid digestion equipment. We provide analytical laboratories, interested in metals analysis, with innovative and complete solutions for their sample preparation needs.  Since the early 1990’s, Questron has been at the forefront of design for microwave, block and automated block digesters, microwave ashing and automated dispensing/diluting equipment. Questron supplies worldwide in the mining, agriculture, environmental, and food industries. Questron’s team of experienced engineers and application specialists provide customized designs to accommodate customer’s special and unique sample prep needs. Visit us at or contact us at 1-844-323-1223 or for more information.

    Sample Preparation and Laboratory Automation Solutions

    Questron’s headquarters is located in Toronto in the midst of the Canadian manufacturing heart land. Questron is dedicated to innovating and implementing microwave and heating block technologies for science and the environment. Since its first beginnings in 1989, Questron continues to focus on designing and manufacturing reliable and automated laboratory solutions. Questron was the first company to introduce pressure and temperature controls for closed vessel microwave digestion applications. And in 1993, Questron produced the QWAVE 3000, the first computer-controlled microwave digestion system. Questron is also the first company to offer a completely automated block digestion system. The Vulcan digestion and work station completely automates the sample digestion process commonly used for metals and mercury sample preparation.

    Innovation through specialized knowledge and experience

    Today, Questron is committed to offering products that benefit science and its history of innovation and cooperation. Questron’s QLabPro closed vessel microwave digestion systems, QAsh 1800 microwave ashing system, QBlock digestion system and Vulcan series of automated digestion & work-up station are all examples of innovation through specialized knowledge and experience.

    About Questron promises to listen to the suggestions and concerns of its customers and partners and provide innovative, reliable instrumentation that solves the ever evolving needs of automating the sample preparation process.

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