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Microwave Digestion System

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Over the last decade, the need for monitoring trace metal content has significantly increased. Advanced Microwave Sample Preparation and digestion system has become an increasingly popular method to dissolve metals as the digestion process can be completed in minutes, rather than the hours it takes with hot plate digestion. The success of this Microwave Sample Preparation System method is due to the high temperatures and pressures created by using microwaves. Also, the complete sample is captive in the vessel so micro levels can be measured later in the analysis.

We at Questron simplify elemental analysis with rapid microwave acid digestion. We have the most advanced microwave sample preparation systems and vessels available for Microwave acid digestion. These are suitable for Kjeldahl requirements and come with wireless operation.

Questron offers both Open and Closed Vessel Microwave Digestion. The external exhaust blowers in case of Open vessel configuration take care of excessive acid fumes generated during operations.

Our Microwave Sample Preparation and Digestion Vessels are ideal for Digestion, Extraction, Evaporation, and Synthesis also Simplify your Microwave Acid Digestion Procedure for ICP Analysis of Soil and petroleum Samples in laboratories. They have been designed to ensure a built-in temperature and pressure monitoring of each digestion vessel and are an ideal solution for labs running a large number of samples in every batch.

The soil testing equipment from Questron is used to characterize soil samples in the laboratory. Questron provides analytical instruments needed for soil samples testing.



Ideal for both Open as well as Closed Vessel Digestion, Extraction, Evaporation, and Synthesis Built-in temperature and pressure monitoring of each digestion vessel User-independent safety features ensuring safe digestions Enhanced safety using real time video 7” LCD Display Maximum 1800 W microwave energy Maximum 230℃ digestion temperature Pre-loaded EPA 3015, 3051, 3052 and other digestion method Controlled release of over pressure to avoid cross-contamination Rotating antenna and 360° carousel rotation ensuring uniform microwave distribution Corrosion-proof PTFE-coated reinforced cavity for corrosion resistance Microwave power . . .

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QLABPro Close Vessel Microwave Digestion QLABPro provides versatility, safety, productivity in closed and open vessel microwave digestions, microwave extraction, microwave evaporation and microwave synthesis system. The system monitors temperature and pressure of each digestion vessel and has user-independent safety features guarantee safe digestions. Download Brochure (Chinese)

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